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About The Milwaukee Public Market

We are proud to offer visitors the best of Wisconsin’s culinary heritage while expanding the availability of gourmet, specialty and artisan foods. The Milwaukee Public Market features nearly twenty specialty food vendors. Each merchant is owner and operator, and in many instances producer, of the products they sell. We give customers the opportunity to purchase direct from the hands that nurtured the quality goods.

The Historic Third Ward, mainly the Commission Row area, holds significant meaning as a hub of Market activity for over a hundred years. The modern-day Milwaukee Public Market preserves the nature of this historical neighborhood and capitalizes on the history of an area that native Wisconsinites associate with fresh food.


Public Markets are being revitalized and new Markets are being developed in cities across the United States. Public Markets reflect the heritage and diversity of the communities they serve. The creation of the Milwaukee Public Market follows this national trend and a way of life that was never lost in Europe.

“The facility is rooted in an old tradition. Long after the novelty wears off, the Public Market will remain the freshest landmark in downtown Milwaukee.”

— John Gurda, (Milwaukee Historian) Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, November 2005

Monday thru Friday: 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 7 pm     Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm
Early Open Hours: Weekdays at 7 am Coffee & C. Adams Bakery;

Foltz Family Market & Margarita Paradise(8am)

Late Closing Hours: Thief Wine open til 9pm - Thus, Fri & Sat